Neuromodulators like BOTOX and Dysport are designed to reduce the appearance of static (at rest) and dynamic (on movement)  lines and wrinkles, rejuvenating your skin and often relieving clients from appearing sad, tired, or angry. It has become the most popular non-invasive cosmetic treatment with over 11 million people in fact have received a treatment. 

At Aisthetikos we pride ourselves in undetectable treatments and facial balancing.  Everyone experiences these procedures differently, so we value our complimentary consultation time with you—where we can get to know your unique needs and discuss all of the information you need to make a decision right for you.


Both BOTOX and Dysport are non-surgical, cosmetic medical injectables used to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles, especially on the forehead and around the eyes. These products relax the muscles in the face, effectively smoothing the skin also reducing sebum production which can even improve texture and acne. 

These injectables are derived from the botulinum A toxin, which is routinely and safely used for therapeutic and cosmetic uses.  BOTOX and Dysport have been deemed safe and effective when administered by licensed, skilled practitioners.


BOTOX and Dysport are most effective on dynamic wrinkles, the lines that appear when your muscles contract, such as when you laugh or frown. BOTOX and Dysport contain a type of neurotoxin that works by blocking these muscle contractions, effectively reducing the look of lines and wrinkles in the skin.  

Both treatments are administered using tiny needles that may feel similar to a minor bug bite.


designed to treat


Fine lines & wrinkles

procedure time


15-30 minutes

down time


Return to work right after

treatment plan


About 3 times a year





Starting at $80


Avoid blood thinning medication, vitamins, and alcohol 3 days prior.

For 3 hours: remain upright (do NOT lie down) and do not rub or massage the treated areas. Avoid makeup or use mineral based. 

For 24 hours: avoid strenuous physical activity, hot tubs, saunas, facials, and blood thinners such as alcohol, or Aspirin®/Advil®.

You may notice bumps, swelling, bruising, redness, itching, altered sensation such as a tightness or heaviness, and/or tenderness,  at the injection site temporarily after your treatment.

What areas can I treat?

  • Frown lines, “elevens” or creases between your brows 
  • Crows feet or smile lines
  • Downturned smile 
  • Chin dimpling/ chin creasing 
  • Neck lines 
  • Jowling 
  • Facial slimming

I heard it treats migraines, is this true? 

Yes! There are a few therapeutic uses for neuromodulators (BOTOX/Dysport). Some can even be covered by insurance. Be sure to check out our therapeutics page. 

How long will my treatment last?

This can vary from person to person as well as product but typically we see results for 3-5 months. 

When will I see a difference after my treatment?  

This also varies from person to person, however, studies show an average of 2-3 days to start seeing changes and full effect to be 2 weeks. 

I have some asymmetry, is this normal? 

Some areas or one side can “kick in” faster than the other and they almost always settle out by the 2 weeks mark. Our injectors will bring you back for a follow-up at this point to do any “tweaks” if needed as we get to know your face 

What age should I start getting BOTOX/Dysport? 

Truthfully, there is no magic number. Each person is different! 

Ideally, we can prevent a line from getting deep at rest so if you notice your lines are starting to stick at rest (static) and not just on movement (dynamic) you may want to come in for a consult. Only if they bother you!

Can I get BOTOX/Dysport when I am pregnant? 

Unfortunately, no. We do not have the studies to support safe use for cosmetic use in pregnant women.  


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My experience was very positive. Ally and her team are professional and answered my many questions. Ally is not only experienced but also willing to work within my budget. No upselling like other clinics do. Would highly recommend Ally.
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I love seeing Ally. She is super friendly and knowledgeable about the treatments, answering any questions I had! I will definitely be going back for other treatments.
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I saw Ally for a consult and decided to go ahead with a treatment - she was incredibly knowledgeable and answered my many questions, put me very much at ease with her manner and clear expertise. The treatment went well and I’m looking forward to the results (I chose to go with a procedure that takes a while to yield the results) I would certainly recommend her to anyone looking for an experienced medical professional to deliver their cosmetic procedures. Thank you so much Ally!
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I had a hydra facial with Nikki and a laser facial with her and 2nd laser facial with Kevin. They are so personable and made me feel so welcome! I have struggled with cystic zits since getting an IUD and it has cleared them up and has drastically decreased my scars! My skin is healthy and glowy! There was absolutely no downtime! It’s relatively painless! I would say max 3/10 when they zapped some baby face hairs! 10/10 recommend and bonus laser hair removal! I also see Ally for Botox! She’s very professional and never have I left unsatisfied! She’s the best ❤️
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