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How Long Does Restylane Last?

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A woman lying back and receiving a Restylane injection to her top lip

Skincare products only do so much for lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. And if the thought of going under the knife unnerves you, dermal fillers can address the visible signs of aging.

Dermal fillers come in different brands, like Revanesse, Juvederm, Teosyl, and Stylage.

Hyaluronic acid fillers, such as Restylane, offer a non-invasive way to produce natural-looking results by maintaining skin hydration and volume. Hyaluronic acid fillers are a more natural approach to dermal fillers, as the product is formulated to act like your body’s own naturally occurring hyaluronic acid. 

Before administration, a certified injector will address all your concerns and questions and explain the process. 

The results from Restylane can vary depending on the type of Restylane product used, the area treated, and the individual’s metabolism. In general, they can last anywhere from 6 to 18 months.

What Is Restylane & How Does it Work?

Restylane contains hyaluronic acid, a sugar naturally found in the skin that binds to water to provide hydration and stimulates the body’s natural collagen production. It also contains lidocaine, a local anesthetic to ensure you’re comfortable during and after injecting. 

The hyaluronic acid in Restylane is similar to that found in the body. Together with natural aging, exposure to ultraviolet radiation, tobacco smoke, and pollution can decrease the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin. 

When this happens, visible signs, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of volume and elasticity, appear. When injected underneath the skin, Restylane can:

  • Add volume 
  • Smooth out lines and wrinkles
  • Plump up the skin
  • Give definition
  • Restore facial balance

Restylane can treat the following targeted areas on the face:

  • Plump lips
  • Lift eyebrows
  • Contour and lift cheeks
  • Sculpt the jaw
  • Soften creases, lines, and wrinkles
  • Sunken temples
  • Under eyes 

Who Is a Candidate for Restylane?

Almost anyone who is a healthy adult can benefit from Restylane. An initial consultation with your aesthetic injector can determine if you qualify for these dermal filler treatments. 

Here are some reasons why you may not be a candidate for Restylane:

  • Under 18 years
  • Allergic to lidocaine
  • You have an active infection
  • You have a bleeding disorder
  • Active autoimmune disorder
  • You take blood thinners
  • You’re pregnant

What to Expect from Restylane Treatments

Restylane treatments are minimally invasive and can take a few minutes to less than half an hour. A topical numbing cream ensures comfort during the procedure. 

The procedure involves the following steps:

  • Clean the injection site/s with antiseptic.
  • Decide on how much Restylane is needed.
  • Inject the Restylane under the skin using an ultrafine needle or soft-tipped cannula.

Possible side effects that usually go away within a week can include:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Bruising

Notify your injector immediately if you experience severe pain, your skin is cool to the touch, or blanching (lack of blood flow) occurs.

two boxes of Restylane injectables sitting next to each other

After-Care Instructions

Healing time after Restylane treatment can differ in individuals, but it’s best to follow these after-care instructions:

  • Do not massage the treatment area or wear anything tight for the first two days.
  • Sleep on your back with the treated area elevated for the first week to reduce swelling.
  • Gently apply ice or a cool compress for 10 minutes each time to minimize bruising.
  • Avoid makeup on the day of treatment.
  • Avoid heat and exercise for 24 hours.
  • You may take Tylenol® for pain and Benadryl®/Claritin®/Reactine® for swelling.
  • Avoid laser treatment for two weeks.

How Long Does Restylane Last?

Results are visible immediately, but you can see full effects within a week to 6 weeks of treatment. Restylane can last between 6 and 24 months and may depend on the kind of Restylane used.

Other factors that affect longevity can include:

  • The treatment area.
  • The amount of Restylane injected.
  • How quickly your body metabolizes the dermal filler.

Even once the fillers slowly degrade, they can absorb water and provide volume. However, closer to the midway point of duration, you may notice a decrease in volume. So, to maintain results, you would need touch-ups or repeat treatments. 

Restylane Is Not Permanent

Restylane can do wonders to restore your beauty and natural facial features. Because they aren’t permanent, we can reverse the effects of dermal fillers containing hyaluronic acid with an enzyme. 

A Convenient & Safe Way to Enhance Natural Beauty

Dermal fillers like Restylane can be a good option for those looking for a non-surgical way to remove fine lines and wrinkles and add volume to aging skin. When you consult with a certified injector, they can help evaluate the best options and treatment plan for your individual needs and desired outcome. 

If you’re interested in dermal fillers, book a free consultation with Aisthetikos today and learn how Restylane can help you achieve a more natural, refreshed appearance.

Written by Ally, RN, BSCN

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