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Let Your Inner Beauty Shine

It can be easy to look in the mirror and only see the fine lines and wrinkles that reveal our age. But these sources of insecurity don’t tell the world who we are. We want you to look in the mirror with confidence and love the face looking back. We’re here to help you show the world your beauty.

Injectables like BOTOX and Dysport are designed to reduce the appearance of those much-maligned lines and wrinkles, rejuvenating your skin and boosting your natural splendour.

Our goal as Aisthetikos is to reveal your natural beauty through undetectable injectables. Everyone experiences these procedures differently, so we value our complimentary consultation time with you—where we can get to know your unique needs and discuss all of the information you need to make your decision.

What Are BOTOX & Dysport?

Both BOTOX and Dysport are non-surgical, cosmetic medical injectables used to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles, especially on the forehead and around the eyes. These products relax the muscles in the face, effectively smoothing the skin on top. 

These injectables are derived from the botulinum A toxin, which is routinely and safely used in the cosmetic industry to augment soft tissues. BOTOX and Dysport have been deemed safe and effective when administered by licensed, skilled practitioners.

Pricing: $10 per unit

How Do BOTOX & Dysport Work?

BOTOX and Dysport are most effective on dynamic wrinkles, the lines that appear when your muscles contract, such as when you laugh or frown. BOTOX and Dysport contain a type of neurotoxin that works by blocking these muscle contractions, effectively reducing the look of lines and wrinkles in the skin.  

Both treatments are administered using tiny needles that may feel similar to a minor bug bite.

What do BOTOX & Dysport Treat?

BOTOX and Dysport are approved for both cosmetic and therapeutic uses. Either treatment can effectively reduce the appearance of moderate to severe facial lines while preserving your natural look. 

Aesthetic Uses

  • Crow’s feet
  • Frown lines
  • Gummy smile
  • Lip flip
  • Lip lines
  • Facial slimming
  • Downturned smile
  • Nose lines
  • Necklace lines

Therapeutic Uses

How Long Do BOTOX & Dysport Take?

BOTOX and Dysport are fast-acting and long-lasting. Your results will typically appear within 2–3 days, and you should experience their full effect in about 14 days. Results typically last 3-5 months. These treatments only take around 10 minutes and require little downtime, meaning you can get back to your day right away.

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Because everyone is unique, your results and reaction may be different than someone else’s. We would love to see you to evaluate your specific needs, discuss your concerns, and design a personalized treatment plan that works with your budget.

There’s no obligation for you to have treatment, but if you’re excited to get started, we can administer your treatment the same day if you want.

If you’re interested in learning more about BOTOX or Dysport therapies and how they can work for you, please give us a call today to schedule your free consultation.

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Convenience and accessibility are important to us, so we provide free, heated underground parking.

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